We do not write because we want to

We write because we have to.

Dave B
9 June
Wildly talented, madly intelligent, dangerously articulate, astoundingly creative, shockingly practical, breathtakingly modest - all of these are traits (preceded by superlatives).

I'm a little boy, an old man, a purveyor of whimsy in an uncaring universe. A lover of trifles, disliker of trifle; I'm a diamond core of irritation in a pearl of wisdom of an oyster with no shell. I'm unbalanced by a conscience, an external observer of pervasive insanity. I love people and hate what they do. I'm one of the 'quiet ones' that Mothers say that you need to watch out for or that "it always is". I'm a trusting confidante lacking in confidence.

I cry without shame, laugh without restraint. I'm loyal, I'm honest and if you ask for my opinion I'll give it to you; I only have one face yet am many faceted and frequently facetious.

I'm probably worth talking to.